Baton Rouge Zoom Whitening

Baton Rouge Zoom whiteningOur in-office Zoom whitening system is the way to go if you are looking for immediate results. Compared to our take-home tray method, Zoom is faster and more convenient.

This method uses a special light combined with a highly effective and powerful peroxide bleaching gel. The light activates the oxygen in the gel to oxidize years of stains away instantly.

This low sensitivity whitening treatment is safe, effective, and very fast. In just on appointment, your teeth will up to six to ten shades whiter.

The Zoom Whitening Procedure

Baton Rouge Zoom whitening - step oneHere’s what to expect:

  • For starters, one of our professionally-trained dental professionals will secure a napkin and specially designed reactors. This step protects your lips from the potent bleaching gel.


Baton Rouge Zoom whitening - step two


  • Next, a protective rubber coating is put in place to protect your sensitive gum tissue.


  • Baton Rouge Zoom whitening - step threeThen, the light is shined directly on your teeth after they are covered with the bleaching agent. When the light activates it, the peroxide deeply penetrates into your teeth. This innovative and highly effective method breaks up stains and tooth discoloration that you may have had for years.


  • Baton Rouge Zoom whitening - step fourEach whitening session is approximately 15 minutes long and it is repeated three times during your appointment. That means that you will have a dazzling white smile in less than an hour to an hour and half. You will be sent home with whitening trays for you to use at home if you want an even whiter smile.


If you have any questions about Zoom or our other teeth whitening options, please give us a call today at 225-292-4321 to schedule your complimentary consultation. This will give you a one-on-one opportunity to meet personally with Dr. Collins and ask your questions before you commit to any treatment.