Should I get a dental implant if a crown broke twice?

Can you advise me on whether or not I should ask for a dental implant? I have a left back molar that broke about 7 years ago. A crown was placed on it, but yesterday the crown broke for the second time. At first I didn’t feel anything, but now when air hits the tooth and when I ate breakfast this morning the pain was extreme. Is there something I can do to alleviate the pain? Is it easier just to get a dental implant and get rid of the tooth? Josh

Josh – You shouldn’t need a dental implant. If your crown is broken and you are in pain, you need to see a dentist. The weekend is coming, so if your own dentist is unable to see you, it’s in your best interest to see an emergency dentist.

Instead of Asking for a Dental Implant

  • A dentist needs to examine your crown and tooth to see the extent of the damage to it.
  • When a damaged tooth beneath a tooth is exposed to air or pressure, it is common to feel pain. Depending on how the crown broke, it can irritate your cheek or tongue.
  • If the tooth under the crown has broken, the situation is more urgent. So, don’t try to remedy the situation yourself.
  • A dental implant shouldn’t be necessary. It’s better to save a tooth than extract for a dental implant, even though they are the best form of tooth replacement.

Focus on saving the tooth and seeing a dentist who can preserve it with a crown that is durable and fits well.

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