How to treat a dental patient with C.O.P.D?

My son has been diagnosed with C.O.P.D and because of chronic bronchitis he has suffered many anxiety attacks and a few of them have been severe. He has a hard time sitting down in a dental chair because anxiety starts to kick in and he feels claustrophobic. He wishes he didn’t feel like this but it is out of his control and needs to see the dentist but is scared. Please tell me how I should handle this matter.

Thanks, Andrea

Dear Andrea,

Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist and having treatment done, however some more so than others. There are dentist that are certified to offer oral sedation to patients that have anxiety problems. Oral sedation is like a dreamy state of mind where patients are conscious however usually don’t remember the dental experience. Dental insurance usually does not cover this but it’s something many choose to do so their comfortable. Valium can also be prescribed which is much cheaper however patients are alert yet comfortable. If valium is not enough to relax a patient nitrous oxide can be used in conjunction with the valium to help ease the anxiety. We highly recommend you consult with a sleep sedation dentist to discuss this matter and so they can have a better understanding of your situation and dental needs.

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