Is there a Soft Denture?

I have an upper denture and I absolutely hate it. The denture plate is constantly making me gag so I only wear it when I have to be in public. Is there such a thing as a soft denture?

Callie Anne

Dear Callie Anne,

Just to qualify, when I am talking about a soft denture, I am meaning a soft denture lining. There is not a soft entire denture. The soft lining is meant for those with a bony lower ridge to help ease the ache of the denture resting on the lower jawbone. These soft linings are more expensive and don’t last as long as their counterparts. This, however, does not do anything for the denture plate.

You are not the only patient to struggle with a denture plate. It is especially hard for those with a strong gag reflex. However, they need that firm structure in order to aid with stability with your bite.

implant overdentures
Implant Overdentures

The only real way to get rid of that plate is to get implant overdentures. This uses between four to six dental implants and then anchors your dentures to them. There will be no denture plate or any other structure. Yet, they will be completely secure. No wiggles or risk of slipping or, even worse, falling out.

I hope this helps.

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