My Teeth are Loose

I will admit to being a patient who avoids the dentist at all costs. Recently, I noticed that some of my teeth are becoming loose. If one of them falls out, can I put it back in with superglue? Do you think my teeth can be saved?


Dear Annaliya,

Based on what you are saying, you have advanced gum disease. This needs immediate intervention if you want to save your teeth. I realize you are not a fan of the dentist, so I want to suggest you see a dentist who offers dental sedation.

Depending on the type of sedation you choose, you could even sleep through your appointments. This has changed the lives of countless people with dental anxiety.

If Your Teeth Cannot Be Saved

Hopefully, it is not too late to save your teeth. If you can’t, then you will either need to get dentures or implant-supported dentures. The implant-supported dentures are the better replacement for quite a few reasons. However, for you to be a good candidate for this, you will need to deal with the gum disease.

Facial Collapse

illustration of a woman with facial collapse

The most important aspect of getting dental implants to support your dentures is the avoidance of facial collapse. When your teeth are removed, your body begins to resorb the minerals in your jawbone, which it perceives you no longer need.

After about ten years or so, you no longer have enough of your jawbone left to support your dentures. This essentially leaves you as a dental cripple with no way to eat.

Having dental implants to support your dentures signals to your brain that you have teeth and therefore need your jawbone to support them. This protects you from facial collapse.

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