Reasonable risk to go out of the country for Lumineers?

I think I found a way to get veneers like Lumineers for half the cost of what dentists are charging in the states. Although I have read a lot of articles cautioning against going out of the U.S. for dentistry, this option seems safe.

I found UK dentists who were trained in the U.S. and who took cosmetic dentistry training in the U.S. The cost of this version of Lumineers was so much cheaper than the costs I was quoted from two different cosmetic dentists here.

Given the dentists’ quality training in the UK practice, I consider this a reasonable risk. If it doesn’t work out, I will have the veneers removed and redone in the U.S. Thanks! Eva

Eva – The information you provided makes it enticing for many people to pursue cosmetic dentistry outside of the U.S.

Before You Choose a Dentist for Lumineers

We always urge inquirers to do their research about the credentials of the dentists, the facilities being used, the hygienic standards in the country where treatment will be received, and the governmental regulations for dentistry.

You should also be able to view many before-and-after photos of actual patients of the dentists. You will be particularly interested in photos of patients who have received the same service you will receive—Lumineers/porcelain veneers.

Think about what you will do if things don’t progress as expected or if problems arise. The time you will have to spend traveling and for accommodations should also be considered.

Discussions can also be had with local dentists as to how cosmetic dentistry can be made affordable. Lumineers aren’t right for everyone. Be certain you know what results you can expect with no-prep veneers. Carefully weigh your options before making a final decision.

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