Sinus Perforation after Tooth Extraction

I’m writing in a last-ditch attempt to figure out if I am on the right track for this. I had all of my top teeth pulled. Apparently, one of the teeth perforated the sinus cavity, but no one told me this after it happened. By day 3 after the procedure, I had a fever and there was popping in my nose. I called the office and they suggested I buy Sudafed. That didn’t help and two days later my fever is higher and I”m in massive pain. They finally called me in an antibiotic. Only then did they tell me about a perforation. Several days after that, there was still no improvement and they have referred me out to an oral surgeon. When I called the oral surgeon, they referred me to an ENT. Is this the right path here? I’m desperate.


Dear Adrienne,

The good news here is that you are finally on the right track here. The ENT is a good move. Your dentist has made several mistakes and he could be in a lot of legal trouble.

First, he should have warned you about the risk of sinus perforation. Then when there was one, you should have been informed right away, as well as given the precautions and care instructions from there.

The Sudafed was not the right solution. In fact, I don’t know why he told you to use it. He also has you on the wrong antibiotic. While it is not uncommon for that to happen, most dentists would recognize it wasn’t helping and prescribe a different one.

Based on your description of what is going on, I think there is some bone that was pushed up in the cavity. The ENT will be able to fix this and get you on the right track. However, I think you need to insist your dentist cover all of these expenses. If he gives you any trouble with that, let him know you’ll be contacting your attorney. I’m sure his malpractice insurance will advise him to cooperate with you and pay for your care.

Call the ENT today and let them know what is going on. This should be considered a dental emergency and they’ll want to get you on the right antibiotic. Then, they can deal with the sinus perforation.

You said you’ve removed all your teeth on the top arch. You are obviously going to need a replacement option. If you want a completely secure replacement, I would suggest you get implant overdentures. However, this is an advanced procedure and I wouldn’t let your dentist anywhere near it. I’d look for a different dentist for this if you decide to go that route.

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