Insurance Won’t Cover Dental Implants

I’m not sure what to do. I am losing my teeth and will need to replace them. I wanted to get dental implants, but my insurance won’t cover it. At most, I could afford two of them. This is very discouraging. I don’t just want to get dentures. Are there any options for me? Read… Continue reading Insurance Won’t Cover Dental Implants

Are There Affordable Dental Implants Which Work?

My BFF went to Mexico to get affordable dental implants. The dentist trained in the United States. He spoke fluent English and seemed to really know what he was doing. She was able to go over the border several times throughout the year and still saved money. But, after the procedure, she developRead More

Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

I was looking in the mirror and noticed I look a lot older. The problem seems to be my jaw as well as the area around my mouth. I did some looking online and it seems like if you wear dentures it can make your jaw smaller. I think that is what is happening to… Continue reading Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

Will Mini Implants Last on Front Teeth?

I lost some front teeth about ten years ago, which were replaced with a bridge. The teeth which were holding the bridge (next to the lost teeth on either side) have now become loose. My dentist is suggesting dental implants. They’re pretty pricey. I saw an article about mini-implants. He saRead More

Braces to Get “Affordable” Dental Implants?

I spent a lot of time researching dentists who listed they did affordable dental implants. I wanted quality implants that were full-sized, a dentist with experience, and someone who’d let me start with four implants and pay them out. It took a while. I finally found the one I wanted. HoweveRead More

Suspicious Affordable Dental Implant Dentist

I purchased a discount dental plan specifically to get affordable dental care. I was hoping to get affordable dental, implants especially, for three teeth I’d lost. I could only see certain dentists. When I went in, before they even saw me for anything they had me fill out a form for financRead More

Scared of Looking Old If I Can’t Afford Dental Implants

I’ve recently been told I’m going to lose all of my teeth. I’m absolutely beside myself. The dentist told me he highly recommended I get dental implants. When he told me the price, I realized there was no way for me to afford that. I told him it was impossible. He showed me thesRead More

“Affordable” Implant Dentist Is Extorting Me

I’ve needed two dental implants since my early teen years when an accident caused me to lose my two front teeth. My dentist provided me with a flipper and told me when I became an adult and my jaw stopped developing, I’d want to get dental implants. I’m a young adult now. I don&Read More

Is it bad to switch dentists to get affordable dental implants?

After 6 years of having 3 teeth missing I am ready to replace them with affordable dental implants. During my last dental exam my dentist measured my bone and said that I have some bone loss that will only get worse. My dentist is on the high end in cost, but I have good insurance,… Continue reading Is it bad to switch dentists to get affordable dental implants?

My dentures are leaving sores on my gums

What is the best way to get dentures to fit properly? I have sores on my gums from the dentures rubbing. Twice my dentist tried to fix them but he really made things worse. I used sandpaper to try to trim them down and that did help a bit but not perfectly. How can I… Continue reading My dentures are leaving sores on my gums