Dentist Placed My Dental Implant Knowing the Bone Wasn’t Ready

I am not sure about how to handle a pickle I have found myself in. I needed a tooth replacement and chose to have a dental implant. When I woke up from the surgery, my dentist said there wasn’t really enough bone density but he went ahead and placed the implant anyway. Now he wants… Continue reading Dentist Placed My Dental Implant Knowing the Bone Wasn’t Ready

Sinus Perforation with a Dental Implant

I need some advice. I had a dental implant placed and the oral surgeon perforated the sinus cavity by a few millimeters. He thought that would be no big deal and then prescribed Flonase. He also instructed me to not blow my nose and to only sneeze with my mouth open. Then, it turned out… Continue reading Sinus Perforation with a Dental Implant

Dentist Angry I Want Dentures

I don’t know what to do. My mouth is a wreck. I know dental implants will be better, but I just can’t afford them. It’s dentures or nothing, but my dentist keeps acting like I’m ruining my life. Are they really that big of a disaster? Macey Dear Macey,

Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

I was looking in the mirror and noticed I look a lot older. The problem seems to be my jaw as well as the area around my mouth. I did some looking online and it seems like if you wear dentures it can make your jaw smaller. I think that is what is happening to… Continue reading Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

Dental Implants for Stuntmen

I’ve had a spate of bad luck in my field. I’m a stuntman. Typically we lose a tooth or two a year. I’ve lost three over the last six months. I’m not sure why, but I need to find good replacements. Will dental implants hold up for someone like me? I’m worried I&#8217Read More

Suspicious Affordable Dental Implant Dentist

I purchased a discount dental plan specifically to get affordable dental care. I was hoping to get affordable dental, implants especially, for three teeth I’d lost. I could only see certain dentists. When I went in, before they even saw me for anything they had me fill out a form for financRead More

Implant and Crown Came Out

I received a dental implant. Yesterday, it felt loose so I went in to see my dentist. He x-rayed my implant and said it was fine, which meant my crown was loose. He agreed to re-cement it on. However, he struggled to get the crown off. I found it hard to believe it was the… Continue reading Implant and Crown Came Out