Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist on Yelp

I am going to get a smile makeover. I’m deciding between two dentists and two procedures and wondered if you can help me narrow things down. For my smile makeover, I’m either getting porcelain veneers or dental bonding. I’ve been looking on Yelp for the dentist and two of them nRead More

Dealing with a Broken Tooth

My husband recently fell and broke both of his front teeth. Do you know what we need to do to get this fixed? Will he need to extract them, or maybe get dental crowns? I will be honest that he is not crazy about the dentist so I’m trying to figure out what he needs… Continue reading Dealing with a Broken Tooth

Can they build up your bottom teeth with composite?

I clench and grind my teeth, so my bottom teeth are very worn and short. Is there anything they can do to build them up a little? I am looking for some inexpensive, temporary relief for wedding pictures. Thanks Eric, Dear Eric, If you are looking for an inexpensive way to buiRead More

What do I do about my one dark tooth?

When I was a kid I fell down and chipped my tooth and as I’ve gotten older the tooth has become darker. There is one filling in the tooth that I have had for quite awhile. I don’t like the way this tooth looks and really want it to be fixed. My dentist told me… Continue reading What do I do about my one dark tooth?