Dealing with Deformed & Missing Teeth

I have a missing lateral incisor. It’s been missing my entire life. My dentist did braces and I now have a dental flipper where that space was. I want to find something more permanent to replace it with. I also have the other incisor that is there but a bit deformed. It is smaller and… Continue reading Dealing with Deformed & Missing Teeth

Is a Dental Bridge or Partial More Affordable?

I need some guidance. I lost two teeth, one on either side of my mouth and my dental insurance around the same time. Because of that, I am trying to decide on the best option. Should I get a partial denture for each tooth or a bridge for each tooth. I don’t know which is… Continue reading Is a Dental Bridge or Partial More Affordable?

Adult Tooth Lost

My sister was out dancing and some idiot showing off did a high kick that knocked a tooth of hers clean out. She didn’t worry about it and said she’d just get a fake one. I told her to see a dentist but she insisted they couldn’t do anything about it anyway. That got me… Continue reading Adult Tooth Lost

She Needs to Switch Dentists

Can you advise me, please? I have a front tooth that is brown and ugly because of an injury to it involving me, my husband, and a lightsaber. Now that the tooth is brown, I find it embarrassing to smile. I spoke with my dentist about it and he said because there is no longer… Continue reading She Needs to Switch Dentists

Dentist Placed My Dental Implant Knowing the Bone Wasn’t Ready

I am not sure about how to handle a pickle I have found myself in. I needed a tooth replacement and chose to have a dental implant. When I woke up from the surgery, my dentist said there wasn’t really enough bone density but he went ahead and placed the implant anyway. Now he wants… Continue reading Dentist Placed My Dental Implant Knowing the Bone Wasn’t Ready

Sensitivity After Tooth Extraction

I am wondering if there is something wrong with my tooth extraction site. It felt achy for a while, which I thought was normal, but now it is sensitive to anything with heat. I’m worried. Do I need to have it looked at? Bonnie Dear Bonnie, You are correct that it is noRead More

Dentist Won’t See Me

I called my dentist because I told him that I have what I think is a tooth infection. He called me in an antibiotic and told me to take that and then come in a week from now. I don’t understand why he won’t see me. I’m pretty sure that you can’t solve a tooth… Continue reading Dentist Won’t See Me

I’m Afraid I’ll Need Dentures

I have a hard time going to the dentist. I’ve pretty much been going only when I have to. The last two times, things were so bad I lost teeth. If I keep going this way, I’ll need dentures before I’m 40. What do you recommend? Lisa Dear Lisa,

Lost a Tooth During Sedation Procedure

I’m upset about my last appointment. Let me preface this by saying I am a sedation veteran. If it is anything except a cleaning, I use sedation. Because of that, I usually don’t need a lot of serious care and I’ve never had a problem in the past, so this took me by surprise. I&#Read… Continue reading Lost a Tooth During Sedation Procedure