Tooth Replacement for Hockey Player

My son lost a tooth during a college hockey practice. It’s a front tooth and I really want to make sure he gets a great replacement. I planned on getting him a dental implant but apparently his coach said that is a bad idea while he is still playing hockey. I’m a bit confused about… Continue reading Tooth Replacement for Hockey Player

How Long Can You Wait to See a Dentist?

I’ve had a toothache for a couple of days, but am terrified of the idea of going to a dentist. How long can a cavity wait before it turns serious? Dan Dear Dan, First, let me assure you many people share your dental anxiety and prefer to avoid the dentist at all costs. Read More

Serious Problem and Can’t Afford Dentist

I woke up today with my gum swollen and in massive pain. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while because of the cost. I’m pretty sure something serious is going on but don’t know how to afford the dentist. Is there some service for situations like this? Vera Dear Read More

Affordable Dental Care for Emergencies?

I’ve been laid off and with it lost my dental insurance. I’ve had decent teeth most of my life. Wouldn’t you know it the moment I lose my insurance I have a tooth become inflamed and painful. There’s even a small pimple on my gums, which I think may be part of the problem.Read More

Black line on crown

Hello, I needed to have five crowns placed in my mouth. My dentist used porcelain fused to metal crowns and I ended up paying a couple hundred dollars extra to try and avoid the black line along my gum line. Even though I did this, you can see the line on nearly every one of… Continue reading Black line on crown