Whitening Before Getting a Crown

I’m getting a dental crown on a visible tooth and want to whiten my teeth before settling on the crown’s color. I’m having trouble getting information on a few things. As a result, I have a few questions. First, I need to know how many days to whiten? Then, how long each day? FiRead More

Can Sedation Dentistry Really Do All My Work at Once?

I’m a little embarrassed that I even have to ask this. I have avoided the dentist for a couple of reasons. One is economic. It’s just so expensive and dental insurance doesn’t seem to cover much. The other, if I’m honest, is you guys terrify me. I half expect you to walk iRead More

Dentist Overtreating Chipped Tooth

I chipped my tooth when a can fell out of my pantry and hit me in the mouth. I went to see my dentist about it. He said the tooth and pulp are still healthy. I told him I wasn’t too keen about the chip and he said he could put two crowns on my… Continue reading Dentist Overtreating Chipped Tooth

Is My Affordable Dentist Ordering Unnecessary Procedures?

I don’t have dental insurance. Everything I do is out of pocket. Because of that I specifically looked for a dentist who advertised as an affordable dentist. I double checked and his prices were lower than those around him. So I felt pretty safe going. I did expect to need some work done beRead More

What do I do about my one dark tooth?

When I was a kid I fell down and chipped my tooth and as I’ve gotten older the tooth has become darker. There is one filling in the tooth that I have had for quite awhile. I don’t like the way this tooth looks and really want it to be fixed. My dentist told me… Continue reading What do I do about my one dark tooth?