Swelling After Tooth Extraction

I had a tooth extraction on an infected lower left molar. I thought taking the tooth out would relieve all the pain. There was swelling before the extraction. He prescribed me amoxicillin because the infection was pretty substantial. However, after three days, the swelling has hardened and not evRead More

Is a Tooth Infection Really Dangerous?

I have a back tooth (not the wisdom tooth) that broke a while ago. Now the area hurts and my cheek is swollen. It is also starting to hurt in my neck. Someone told me this is dangerous, but I just don’t have money for a dentist right now. Is it really that dangerous or… Continue reading Is a Tooth Infection Really Dangerous?

I’m Afraid I’ll Need Dentures

I have a hard time going to the dentist. I’ve pretty much been going only when I have to. The last two times, things were so bad I lost teeth. If I keep going this way, I’ll need dentures before I’m 40. What do you recommend? Lisa Dear Lisa,

Can a Toothache Cause Chest Pain?

My mom started complaining of a toothache and chest pain earlier today. She’s a tough woman who doesn’t like to see the doctor or dentist and is presently refusing to get treatment of any kind. For what it’s worth, she’s 83 and in otherwise good health. At her age, toothaches are a somewhRead More

Is Dental Sedation Right for Me?

I’ve been avoiding the dentist for a while because of dental anxiety. I can tell my oral health is suffering as a result. I’ve heard dental sedation is helpful for people in my situation but don’t know much about what it means. How do you know if it is right for you? CaseRead More

Affordable Dentist for Mugging Victim?

I was robbed outside my apartment last night. It’s just been one in a series of disastrous events for me after another. I can’t even begin to go into it. However, this morning I noticed one of my teeth, where he punched me, is loose. I do not have dental insurance or much money. Is… Continue reading Affordable Dentist for Mugging Victim?

The Scoop of Charcoal Teeth Whitening

I keep hearing about whitening your teeth with charcoal. Is this a legitimate thing? Marcus G. Dear Marcus, First, let me say I’m glad you checked before just trying this. There have always been fads in DIY teeth whitening procedures. A few years ago it was lemons. WhaRead More