Dealing with a Broken Tooth

My husband recently fell and broke both of his front teeth. Do you know what we need to do to get this fixed? Will he need to extract them, or maybe get dental crowns? I will be honest that he is not crazy about the dentist so I’m trying to figure out what he needs… Continue reading Dealing with a Broken Tooth

Porcelain Crowns Turning Yellow

I had several porcelain crowns done just over six months ago. They were absolutely beautiful when I first got them. I was so excited. Now they’re turning yellow. I don’t smoke. I do drink some coffee, but my dentist originally told me that wouldn’t be a problem. I brush twice a Read More

Are CT Scans Necessary for Dental Implants?

I’ve had lots of x-rays and now my dentist wants to do some CT scans as well. Is this truly necessary for dental implants? I’m concerned it’s unnecessary and it does cost a pretty penny. Jared Dear Jared,

Xanax Before Dental Appointments

I have quite a nervous disposition. Because of my anxiety, which is severe at times, my doctor keeps me regularly supplied with Xanax. It really relaxes me and helps me function. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while, but I was wondering if I did go, could I take a Xanax before the… Continue reading Xanax Before Dental Appointments

Implant and Crown Came Out

I received a dental implant. Yesterday, it felt loose so I went in to see my dentist. He x-rayed my implant and said it was fine, which meant my crown was loose. He agreed to re-cement it on. However, he struggled to get the crown off. I found it hard to believe it was the… Continue reading Implant and Crown Came Out

Dentist Messed Up My White Fillings

I needed a filling on two back teeth. I told my dentist I wanted white fillings. He tried to talk me out of it saying they were back teeth and no one would be able to see them. Plus, it would save me money. I explained to him that it wasn’t about the appearance but… Continue reading Dentist Messed Up My White Fillings

Is Drake’s Diamond from a Dental Implant?

There’s something making the rounds on Twitter about the rapper Drake’s teeth. He said he has a diamond in the tooth that someone accused him of having dirty. Is that done by dental implant? Paul Dear Paul, I know the Tweet you’re referring to. In fact, it Read More