Medical Insurance and Dental Implants

I recently had to replace all my upper teeth with a denture. The plate is making me gag. I worried about this before getting the dentures because I knew I had a strong gag reflex. I haven’t been able to wear them and now just have no teeth on my top arch. Will medical insurance… Continue reading Medical Insurance and Dental Implants

Dentist Angry I Want Dentures

I don’t know what to do. My mouth is a wreck. I know dental implants will be better, but I just can’t afford them. It’s dentures or nothing, but my dentist keeps acting like I’m ruining my life. Are they really that big of a disaster? Macey Dear Macey,

Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

I was looking in the mirror and noticed I look a lot older. The problem seems to be my jaw as well as the area around my mouth. I did some looking online and it seems like if you wear dentures it can make your jaw smaller. I think that is what is happening to… Continue reading Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

Denture Problems

I need some help. As my grandchildren would say, “I’ve got some probs.” I’m a fairly new denture wearer. Every time I seem to get sort of a handle on one issue, another one pops up. I was struggling with them sliding and I’ve gotten some adhesive which helps a bit, bRead More

Tooth Broke off Denture

I have dentures and dropped one while cleaning it. One tooth broke off but looks to be completely intact. Would Superglue solve this or will I need an entirely new denture? I want to take care of this ASAP because it’s a front tooth. I’m only 42. I don’t want to look like I beloRead… Continue reading Tooth Broke off Denture

Husband Refuses to Wear Dentures

My husband lost his teeth about six months ago. We decided for him to get dentures. He absolutely hates them and refuses to wear them. He says they hurt and food gets under them. Our dentist said he’d get used to them, but he can’t if he doesn’t put them in ever. What do I… Continue reading Husband Refuses to Wear Dentures