Can I Save This Tooth

I’ve been to two different dentists and both of them want to pull my tooth. I have a front tooth that had been chipped. I’d repaired it with dental bonding. Then, I had a fall and it broke almost in half. The dentists want to pull it and give me a partial denture. I am… Continue reading Can I Save This Tooth

Snap-On Smile to Replace a Tooth?

I have an infected first molar. There is not a molar behind it. My choices are a root canal treatment (which is rather expensive) or extract the tooth and get a dental implant (which is more expensive). Of course my dentist gives me all the expensive options. What I’m wondering is if I can Read… Continue reading Snap-On Smile to Replace a Tooth?

Went Directly to the Dental Lab for My Partial Denture

About nine years ago I had a partial denture made through my dentist. The lab that made it did a fantastic job. So, when it was time to get my new one made, I decided to go directly to them. The weird thing is, it hasn’t turned out nearly as well. I’ve had countless problems… Continue reading Went Directly to the Dental Lab for My Partial Denture

Can My Denture Make Me Sick?

I have a removable partial denture. Since getting it I have been very sick. I always felt better at night when I could remove it, but obviously during the day when I had to be presentable for work it had to go back in. I kept asking my dentist if the denture was the problem… Continue reading Can My Denture Make Me Sick?

I’m Afraid I’ll Need Dentures

I have a hard time going to the dentist. I’ve pretty much been going only when I have to. The last two times, things were so bad I lost teeth. If I keep going this way, I’ll need dentures before I’m 40. What do you recommend? Lisa Dear Lisa,

Lost a Tooth During Sedation Procedure

I’m upset about my last appointment. Let me preface this by saying I am a sedation veteran. If it is anything except a cleaning, I use sedation. Because of that, I usually don’t need a lot of serious care and I’ve never had a problem in the past, so this took me by surprise. I&#Read… Continue reading Lost a Tooth During Sedation Procedure

Braces to Get “Affordable” Dental Implants?

I spent a lot of time researching dentists who listed they did affordable dental implants. I wanted quality implants that were full-sized, a dentist with experience, and someone who’d let me start with four implants and pay them out. It took a while. I finally found the one I wanted. HoweveRead More

How Do I Find an Affordable Dentist for Someone on Disability?

I need some advice. I just took over my mother’s care. I’m distraught over the care she’s received, especially her teeth. They’re a complete mess. It’s like the nursing center never gave her dental care. She’s on disability but there’s a waiting period foRead More

Dentist Humiliated Me and Insisted I Get Dentures

Can you help me, maybe give me some options? I’m so upset I’m shaking. I haven’t been to a dentist before. My parents never had the money to take me. They tried. It just seemed like everytime they’d saved up enough something would happen, like a car breaking down, etc. I Read More