She’s Too Young to Lose Her Teeth

I am frustrated with my dentist and need some advice. My parents were never able to afford a dentist as I was growing up. I am 29 and just now able to afford a dentist myself. I do take good care of my teeth but my dentist says three of them he’d like to remove… Continue reading She’s Too Young to Lose Her Teeth

High Resistance to Novocain

I am still in my 20s and have very bad teeth. This all started because I have a high resistance to Novocain. This made every dental appointment a nightmare of an experience. As a result, I have neglected my teeth. I want to take charge of my oral health. Do you have any advice for… Continue reading High Resistance to Novocain

Dentures for Patient with TBI

My neighbor has suffered a traumatic brain injury. I help the family take care of them. They can only get in on the weekends. They buy her food and pay her bills and visit with her. I keep an eye out for her during the week by making her meals and taking her to doctor… Continue reading Dentures for Patient with TBI

How Do I Find an Affordable Dentist for Someone on Disability?

I need some advice. I just took over my mother’s care. I’m distraught over the care she’s received, especially her teeth. They’re a complete mess. It’s like the nursing center never gave her dental care. She’s on disability but there’s a waiting period foRead More