She Needs to Switch Dentists

Can you advise me, please? I have a front tooth that is brown and ugly because of an injury to it involving me, my husband, and a lightsaber. Now that the tooth is brown, I find it embarrassing to smile. I spoke with my dentist about it and he said because there is no longer… Continue reading She Needs to Switch Dentists

Porcelain Veneer Turning Blue

We purchased my daughter an entire set of porcelain veneers. The dentist suggested ten on top and eight on bottom. She had a small accident that left one of the teeth chipped. It was a very small chip so the dentist was able to fix it. The dentist smoothed it out and then, of course,… Continue reading Porcelain Veneer Turning Blue

Dental Implant Failure in 4 Days

I had four dental implants placed less than a week ago and I have already had two of them fail. I’m so frustrated. I’m guessing at this rate there is not much hope for the other two, right? Is there a way to fix this or am I going to be stuck with dentures? Morgan… Continue reading Dental Implant Failure in 4 Days

Zoom Whitening for White Spots?

My daughter recently had her braces off. When they came off she had white spots on her teeth. We talked to our dentist about it and she suggested Zoom Whitening. We went ahead and did that, but it didn’t help with the white spots. Should we have done something else or did the Zoom WhiteninRead… Continue reading Zoom Whitening for White Spots?

Dental Crown for a Chipped Tooth?

I fell and chipped my front tooth. I went in to get it fixed but my dentist wants to do a dental crown. I left because I didn’t want to grind off most of so much of my tooth. If it’s my only option, which is what my dentist implied, then I guess I’ll do… Continue reading Dental Crown for a Chipped Tooth?