Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist on Yelp

I am going to get a smile makeover. I’m deciding between two dentists and two procedures and wondered if you can help me narrow things down. For my smile makeover, I’m either getting porcelain veneers or dental bonding. I’ve been looking on Yelp for the dentist and two of them nRead More

Dental Bonding Repair Disaster

I had dental bonding done several years ago by a different dentist. I have since moved. The bonding was to repair a chipped tooth and is now starting to show its age. It is one color and my teeth another. I just needed it redone to match my teeth, but my new dentist made things… Continue reading Dental Bonding Repair Disaster

Dental Crown for a Chipped Tooth?

I fell and chipped my front tooth. I went in to get it fixed but my dentist wants to do a dental crown. I left because I didn’t want to grind off most of so much of my tooth. If it’s my only option, which is what my dentist implied, then I guess I’ll do… Continue reading Dental Crown for a Chipped Tooth?

Can Lumineers Help My White Spots?

I had braces and they cost my mother a fortune. When the braces were done I had these weird white spots on my teeth. Some kids at school have been pointing it out to me, as if I don’t have a mirror at home and don’t feel weird enough already. I’m wondering if Lumineers can… Continue reading Can Lumineers Help My White Spots?

Dentist Overtreating Chipped Tooth

I chipped my tooth when a can fell out of my pantry and hit me in the mouth. I went to see my dentist about it. He said the tooth and pulp are still healthy. I told him I wasn’t too keen about the chip and he said he could put two crowns on my… Continue reading Dentist Overtreating Chipped Tooth