Mexico for Dental Implant?

I am on a very tight budget but want to replace my lost tooth with a dental implant. The cost was pretty high here. I have been told that it is a lot cheaper in places like Mexico. In that case, would I save enough money going to Mexico for my procedure in order to… Continue reading Mexico for Dental Implant?

How Long Can a Root Canal Wait?

I went for a check up, which is covered by my insurance completely. While there, he told me I need a root canal treatment. I was a bit surprised about that because none of my teeth bother me. I was wondering if I DO need a root canal treatment, how long can I wait to… Continue reading How Long Can a Root Canal Wait?

Who Broke This Man’s Tooth?

I need some advice about an incident with my tooth. I have a 30+ year old crown. I was in for a checkup and my dentist said that I have decay under the crown and he will need to do a root canal treatment. I didn’t have any signs of a tooth infection. No abcess.… Continue reading Who Broke This Man’s Tooth?

Gum Disease and No Insurance

I haven’t been to the dentist in three years. At this recent appointment, he told me that I have gum disease and said he’d like me to make it a priority to come every six months otherwise I could lose my teeth. I don’t have any dental insurance. Is this really necessary or just Read… Continue reading Gum Disease and No Insurance

Dentist Won’t Remove Tooth

I have an impacted wisdom tooth and another tooth near it that has had a root canal. Here are my issues. The impacted wisdom tooth is infected and needs to come out. However, the root-canaled tooth has never felt right. I want him to remove both teeth at once, but he is absolutely refusing and… Continue reading Dentist Won’t Remove Tooth

Can a Broken Tooth Get Infected?

I have a tooth that broke a while back. I didn’t really do anything about it and eventually, more of it broke off so it is pretty much just the stuff underneath. The hole where the tooth used to be is hurting on and off. When it does hurt it is hard for me to… Continue reading Can a Broken Tooth Get Infected?

Root Canal Failure

I am in massive pain after two root canal treatments. The first one took place about three years ago. Then it started hurting again a bit over a week ago. I went back and he did another x-ray and discovered a new infection flare-up. He did a second root canal treatment and gave me penicillin.… Continue reading Root Canal Failure

Is Drake’s Diamond from a Dental Implant?

There’s something making the rounds on Twitter about the rapper Drake’s teeth. He said he has a diamond in the tooth that someone accused him of having dirty. Is that done by dental implant? Paul Dear Paul, I know the Tweet you’re referring to. In fact, it Read More