Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System

I wanted to get your advice on an over-the-counter teeth whitening system called Tanda Pearl Ionic. I have professional teeth whitening trays that I usually use but they have been aggravating my TMJ. The Tanda Pearls System says it achieves great results wearing them just 5 minutes at each treatment. Is that true? Is it safe?


Dear Amanda,

The ingredients in this are similar to a mild version of professional teeth whitening. So, in that aspect it is safe. There are some differences which concern me though.

First, the trays. They use one tray for both your upper and lower teeth which you have to keep in by holding it there with your mouth closed. If you thought your professional trays were aggravating your TMJ Disorder, this contraption with toss it into high gear. There are other practical drawbacks to their tray as well. You definitely couldn’t sleep it in and you likely wouldn’t want to be seen “wearing” it in public.

Your professional teeth whitening tray, by comparison, is thin and plastic. It could easily be worn overnight as well as out about town while you ran your errands.

Second, the time frame. There are no magic results in wearing for five minutes. You could wear it five or thirty-five. The more you wear it, the faster the results. The system’s time of five minutes is likely based on how you have to hold the trays in your mouth. Five minutes is probably all you could do with reasonable comfort.

You could wear your current trays for five minutes only as well. Just know you’d have to keep them in for more days to get equal results.

As for its patented “ionic” technology. They don’t give any information on that. My guess is that is psychological more than useful. If it were so groundbreaking, they would sell it to dental offices and make a fortune. However, that would also mean coming under scrutiny for how it works….if it does anything at all.

Another consideration is the cost. It seems a tad high to me. If you’re going to pay that much, why not just get the professional whitening done where you’re under medical supervision and can get assistance if any issues arise during the treatment.

There is always another option in teeth whitening called Zoom Whitening. This allows you to get your teeth completely whitened in just one appointment without trays.

I hope this helps you with your decision.
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