Tooth cap or crown loose or fallen off?

A dental crown is often referred to as a “cap.” What should you do if your crown is loose or falls off? Is this something you can repair yourself?

A crown covers an entire natural tooth and is bonded to the tooth to keep it secure. Special dental bonding for oral use that will withstand the wet environment of your mouth keeps the crown in place. A crown that has fallen off should not be bonded to your tooth with industrial glue. Industrial glue is toxic, or poison, in your mouth, can damage your tooth, or the nerve in your tooth. It’s unlikely that the crown will stay put after the glue is repeatedly exposed to moisture and saliva in your mouth.

If a crown does not fit well over your tooth, or if it is not bonded properly, it can loosen or fall off. A crown can also become loose if the tooth beneath it starts to decay. A crown is usually loose before it falls off, as opposed to falling off with no warning. Bacteria can leak under a loose crown and cause decay. So if your crown is loose, you should have a dentist examine it right away.

Don’t throw away a crown that falls off. Bring it with you to your dental appointment. If the crown is in good shape and properly fits over your tooth, it may be possible to bond it back to your tooth. Otherwise a new crown may be needed. If you need a new crown, don’t worry. You will wear a temporary one while you wait for the new one to be made.

It’s important to get the issue corrected right away. It will prevent decay of the tooth beneath the crown, protect the tooth, and prevent adjacent teeth from drifting toward the location of the crown.

If you don’t have a regular dentist, you can find one who accepts emergency appointments. If you don’t have dental insurance, let the office know in advance to find out their payment options.

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