Why Were Roots Left After Extraction

I had an extraction done because of a serious infection. My plan is to get dental implants when I am able. My dentist knows that. Tonight, as I was cleaning the area, I noticed what looks to be two roots left. Why would he leave two roots? Will I be able to get my dental implant with them there?


Dear Theodore,

Image of a dental imlant next to natrual teeth

The first thing I would do is be certain what you are seeing are two tooth roots instead of some additional debris that has made its way into the extraction area. In order for teeth to have multiple roots, they would be back molars. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to see back there, so you could be misinterpreting what you see.

Generally, if there were really a root left there would be a definitive snap that both you and your dentist would hear. He should also have informed you if that were to have happened.

For discussion’s sake right now let’s say you are right and the dentist did leave those roots. Then, yes, they would need to be removed in order for you to get dental implants. The sooner he does that, the better.

I can’t imagine a dentist not knowing they did that. After a tooth extraction, a dentist will always make sure a tooth is intact. If it isn’t, they would go back and retrieve the pieces.

If it turns out he did leave some root without telling you, that would be a sign you need another dentist. For now, call him and double-check this is actually what happened.

Because you’re having doubts about your dentist, I just want to make certain of something. If he extracted your tooth because of a tooth infection, I’m hoping he provided some antibiotics for you as well.

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