Is sedation the only solution for panic attacks at the dentist?

I’m concerned that I need sedation dentistry and will have to switch dentists. I am always a coward at the dentist but last Wednesday was worse than ever. I had a panic attack in the waiting area and had to leave. When I pulled into the parking lot I started feeling nauseous. I was thinking […]

Will it look like I had my teeth whitened if I brush them more?

My teeth are yellow but I can’t afford teeth whitening. So I would like your expert advice on ways to get them white. I’ve started brushing twice a day instead of once a day. I know that poor brushing habits have probably made my teeth so yellow. I’m not a smoker, so that isn’t the […]

Am I Wrong for Wanting a Female Dentist?

I wanted the opinion of a male dentist because I’ve been accused of being sexist. I have always preferred a female dentist. Actually, I’ve always preferred a female medical practitioner of any kind. I was a victim of sexual assault in my teen years and am very uncomfortable around men in certain situations. I have […]