Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System

I wanted to get your advice on an over-the-counter teeth whitening system called Tanda Pearl Ionic. I have professional teeth whitening trays that I usually use but they have been aggravating my TMJ. The Tanda Pearls System says it achieves great results wearing them just 5 minutes at each treatment. Is that true? Is it […]

Root Canal Failure

I am in massive pain after two root canal treatments. The first one took place about three years ago. Then it started hurting again a bit over a week ago. I went back and he did another x-ray and discovered a new infection flare-up. He did a second root canal treatment and gave me penicillin. […]

Gum Disease and Dental Implants

If I’m losing my teeth because of gum disease, can I replace them with dental implants? Brent W. Dear Brent, While dental implants are a fantastic tooth replacement, you are not a candidate while you have advanced gum disease. As you can see from the image to the left, the dental implants have to be […]