Can’t Stand the New Dentist

I am feeling a bit lost. I had a dentist who was very patient with my anxiety. He would pause when I needed. He always explained what he was doing too. I never loved going to the dentist but he at least made it possible for me. This year he retired. I just tried the […]

Can’t Figure Out Dental Sedation

I’ve not gone to the dentist since I moved out on my own. My mum found out and said I should try sedation dentistry. I thought it was a good idea but I can’t make heads or tails out of which I should get. There seem to be several kinds. Are they any different? Lucia […]

Solutions for Dental Anxiety

I don’t love going to the dentist. I’m so nervous the whole time. Then the dentist and hygienist chat the whole time with each other like I’m not even there. For some reason, that makes it even worse. Here I am getting sharp implements and drills placed in my mouth and they’re talking about the […]

Serious Problem and Can’t Afford Dentist

I woke up today with my gum swollen and in massive pain. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while because of the cost. I’m pretty sure something serious is going on but don’t know how to afford the dentist. Is there some service for situations like this? Vera Dear Vera, I’m not sure […]