Medical Insurance and Dental Implants

I recently had to replace all my upper teeth with a denture. The plate is making me gag. I worried about this before getting the dentures because I knew I had a strong gag reflex. I haven’t been able to wear them and now just have no teeth on my top arch. Will medical insurance… Continue reading Medical Insurance and Dental Implants

Tortured Before Getting Numb

I need some advice. I had to have a tooth extracted. The whole process was a nightmare. It took so so many shots to get me numb. I lost count at eleven. I wanted to stop, but he was sure he could get me numb. Eventually, he did but it was sheer torture until them.… Continue reading Tortured Before Getting Numb

Dental Crown for a Chipped Tooth?

I fell and chipped my front tooth. I went in to get it fixed but my dentist wants to do a dental crown. I left because I didn’t want to grind off most of so much of my tooth. If it’s my only option, which is what my dentist implied, then I guess I’ll do… Continue reading Dental Crown for a Chipped Tooth?