Supersmile & Dental Bonding

I have two questions with regard to Supersmile and Dental Bonding. I had a tooth gap that was fixed with dental bonding. Since then, the bonding has picked up stains. 1. Will Supersmile Accelerated Whitening whiten bonding? 2. Does the toothpaste work to whiten teeth and bonding? Kevin Dear Kevin, I am actually going to […]

Dental Bonding Turning Yellow after Only 5 Days

I had dental bonding done on my front two teeth. It’s only been five days and they’ve already turned noticeably yellow. The only thing I even can think of that could have damaged them was brushing with baking soda. I heard that is good for teeth, but maybe it is not for dental bonding. What […]

Crown for a Chipped Tooth?

I fell and chipped a front tooth the other day. I called my dentist’s emergency number and he said when this whole COVID thing was all over we can put a dental crown on it. I wasn’t sure I wanted such a big procedure. Is that standard? Kevin Dear Kevin, I’m going to give you […]