Dentist Overtreating Chipped Tooth

I chipped my tooth when a can fell out of my pantry and hit me in the mouth. I went to see my dentist about it. He said the tooth and pulp are still healthy. I told him I wasn’t too keen about the chip and he said he could put two crowns on my… Continue reading Dentist Overtreating Chipped Tooth

Horrible Pain During Cleanings

I’m wondering if I need to switch clinics to receive more gentle treatment. I have horrible pain during cleanings. My teeth are sensitive and my gums bleed. The last time was the worst ever. She shot some kind of cold water on my teeth. It hurt so much I begged her to stop. She just… Continue reading Horrible Pain During Cleanings

Husband Hiding Anxiety

Can you help me? My husband hasn’t been taking care of himself. We’ve only been married a few years. He’s really great to make sure I get to the dentist and get medical care and such, but I never see him provide those things for himself. I brought it up last night, he said he&#8Read… Continue reading Husband Hiding Anxiety