Dentist Said My Face Will Collapse with Dentures

I am trying not to cry. I need to get dentures. I’m losing my teeth. There’s nothing I can do about that. My dentist made me feel absolutely horrid. He practically yelled at me saying if I got dentures my face would collapse. He wants me to get dental implants. But, at $2,500 a pop.… Continue reading Dentist Said My Face Will Collapse with Dentures

Can a Toothache Cause Chest Pain?

My mom started complaining of a toothache and chest pain earlier today. She’s a tough woman who doesn’t like to see the doctor or dentist and is presently refusing to get treatment of any kind. For what it’s worth, she’s 83 and in otherwise good health. At her age, toothaches are a somewhRead More

Considering Lumineers? Protect Your Smile Investment

I’m getting a smile makeover and am considering Lumineers. Is there anything I need to know before making this investment? Chris Dear Chris,