I’m Afraid I’ll Need Dentures

I have a hard time going to the dentist. I’ve pretty much been going only when I have to. The last two times, things were so bad I lost teeth. If I keep going this way, I’ll need dentures before I’m 40. What do you recommend? Lisa Dear Lisa, You are not alone in your […]

Lost a Tooth During Sedation Procedure

I’m upset about my last appointment. Let me preface this by saying I am a sedation veteran. If it is anything except a cleaning, I use sedation. Because of that, I usually don’t need a lot of serious care and I’ve never had a problem in the past, so this took me by surprise. I’d […]

Is sedation the only solution for panic attacks at the dentist?

I’m concerned that I need sedation dentistry and will have to switch dentists. I am always a coward at the dentist but last Wednesday was worse than ever. I had a panic attack in the waiting area and had to leave. When I pulled into the parking lot I started feeling nauseous. I was thinking […]

Can I get sedation dentistry if I’m narcoleptic?

I have an upper left molar that cracked. The tooth has had 4 fillings over the past 15 years or so, but now it is just shot. On my last dental cleaning appointment which was 2 years ago my dentist told me that the tooth looked weak. 2 days ago while I was eating an […]

Anesthesia makes me throw up so how will I get through a dental appt with sedation?

Not once have I received anesthesia and not thrown up after surgery. I get so sick to my stomach and it takes a day or two for it to settle. I am concerned that if I get sedation at a dentist’s appt I will be throwing up so much that the dentist can’t get anything […]

How much pain to get teeth surgically removed? Can the dentist sedate me?

I know that removing teeth is a simple thing but I need to get 3 primary teeth surgically removed. The adult ones never came in. I want dental implants to replace them. I know that removing them is no big deal but I have a huge problem with going to the dentist and having anything […]

Sedation or papoose board at the dentist?

My 4 year old does not like going to any medical office. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the doctor, dentist, or ophthalmologist. The previous two visits at the dental office had not been good at all for her and this most recent one was horrible. I have done whatever my dentist suggested. I brought her […]

How does nitrous oxide help in the extraction of wisdom teeth?

What does it do for the body and are there any side affects? Thanks, Gavin Dear Gavin, Nitrous Oxide is commonly used for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Many people refer to it as laughing gas which helps one feel relaxed and calm. It causes mild sedation, some pain relief, a dream like state of […]