Dentist Humiliated Me Over Dentures

Help me. My parents never could afford a dentist. I knew my teeth would need help when I got older, but first I got pregnant and threw up for 9 months, then I got cancer. Both of those caused havoc on my teeth. They’re a mess. I started going but it seemed like I was… Continue reading Dentist Humiliated Me Over Dentures

What can I eat after dental implant surgery?

I had dental implant consultations with 3 dentists. I was hoping to get standard sized implants for my dentures, but none of the dentists can get the cost down low enough for me. I decided to get 4 mini implants. Anything will be better than what’s going on now. I’ve worn dentures for 25 yearRead… Continue reading What can I eat after dental implant surgery?

Shouldn’t she choose Lumineers over braces?

I’m concerned that my daughter is choosing Lumineers over braces. She’s only 22 years old. I know they can’t last her for life. How do I convince her that she is wasting time and money? She’s already working to pay her way through college. Braces cost less than half of what she was quotedRead More

“Affordable” Implant Dentist Is Extorting Me

I’ve needed two dental implants since my early teen years when an accident caused me to lose my two front teeth. My dentist provided me with a flipper and told me when I became an adult and my jaw stopped developing, I’d want to get dental implants. I’m a young adult now. I don&Read More