How Far Back Should Dentures Go?

I have dentures and I think they should go further back than they do. As they are placed now, they do not cover where my wisdom teeth used to be. It’s made it rather uncomfortable for me. My dentist thinks I am overreacting. At this point, I just want to know if this is normal… Continue reading How Far Back Should Dentures Go?

Holistic Dentist Disaster

There is only one holistic dentist in my city. I was excited to find one, but now I am having some regrets. My goals were to get some amalgam fillings replaced with white fillings, as well as replace a metal based crown with an all-porcelain one. I started with the crown because it was aging.… Continue reading Holistic Dentist Disaster

Dental Implants and Metal Allergies

I need to get a tooth replaced and would love to get a dental implant but understand that they are made of metal. I have some some metal allergies. The ones we know about are nickel and mercury. I don’t know if there are others and am worried that if I place the dental implant… Continue reading Dental Implants and Metal Allergies