Can Lumineers Help My White Spots?

I had braces and they cost my mother a fortune. When the braces were done I had these weird white spots on my teeth. Some kids at school have been pointing it out to me, as if I don’t have a mirror at home and don’t feel weird enough already. I’m wondering if Lumineers can… Continue reading Can Lumineers Help My White Spots?

Is Mercury-Free Dentistry a Fad?

I know there are always health fads. The latest to be discredited is Kale mania. Now I keep hearing it needs to be mercury-free dentistry. First, how much mercury is there really in dentistry? Is it that serious? Help me understand this before I go through all the trouble of searching for the latRead More

Teeth Whitening Trays as a Retainer?

I finished my Invisalign treatment a few months ago and have to wear a retainer. I went to an overnight trip and seemed to have lost my retainer there. I have teeth whitening trays that I’ve been using for 30 minutes a day when I get ready in the morning. They fit well. Can they… Continue reading Teeth Whitening Trays as a Retainer?

Dental Implants for Stuntmen

I’ve had a spate of bad luck in my field. I’m a stuntman. Typically we lose a tooth or two a year. I’ve lost three over the last six months. I’m not sure why, but I need to find good replacements. Will dental implants hold up for someone like me? I’m worried I&#8217Read More