Something about this Dentist Isn’t Measuring Up

I need some advice. Before starting I will readily confess that I am not the most regular patient. I have pretty bad dental anxiety. But, I went in because I was having pain in a tooth toward the back of my mouth. It had been hurting on and off for about a week and a […]

Can Crest Whitestrips Cause a Tooth to Need a Root Canal Treatment?

I had a tooth that had been knocked a bit backward and an oral surgeon helped get it back in place. After a while, it began to turn gray. I asked my dentist about whitening the tooth and he suggested I try Crest Whitestrips. I did, but after a week my tooth started to hurt. […]

Dental Implants with Gum Disease

I spend most of my life without dental insurance, which I’ve used as an excuse to not go. I realize now that I do have dental insurance, it was more that I’m afraid of the dentist than anything else. Even after I had insurance it took me a while to go in. I went in […]