Are Amalgam Fillings Stronger than White Fillings?

I am confused. My dentist has always done the silver, amalgam fillings. However, recently, he told me he is switching to the white fillings. I was sort of excited about it, but the lived experience has been difference. The first one fell out a week later. I went back and he replaced it. Then, thaRead… Continue reading Are Amalgam Fillings Stronger than White Fillings?

Dentist Won’t Remove Fillings

I have a bunch of those old silver fillings. I’ve been reading and recently learned they are filled with mercury. I know how dangerous mercury is. I want to switch out those fillings for the newer white ones that don’t have mercury but my dentist insists everything is all hype and theRead More

Can My Denture Make Me Sick?

I have a removable partial denture. Since getting it I have been very sick. I always felt better at night when I could remove it, but obviously during the day when I had to be presentable for work it had to go back in. I kept asking my dentist if the denture was the problem… Continue reading Can My Denture Make Me Sick?

Pain with White Filling and Dentist

I’m at my wit’s end. I had a small filling done on a back tooth. It’s a white filling, which I was extremely excited about. All my other fillings are silver, which I just learned have a ton of mercury in them. The problem I’m having is there is some pain with the filling.Read More

Pain After White Filling

I needed a filling. My dentist wanted to do an amalgam filling because he said they are better on back teeth. I didn’t want that, but wanted a white filling which doesn’t have mercury. He kept insisting the other would be better. I told him I’d go elsewhere to get the white fillRead More

Can I Whiten Silver Fillings?

I have a mouth full of silver fillings. Because I have a super wide smile and tend to open my mouth when I do, everyone can see them. I don’t want to force myself to change how I smile because I like just being who I am, but admittedly, it is embarrassing these days. As… Continue reading Can I Whiten Silver Fillings?

Is it harmful if a mercury filling is accidentally swallowed?

I have 3 silver mercury fillings on lower back teeth. One of the teeth started hurting and I have been playing around with the filling with my tongue. I know it’s loose and my dentist told me it needs to be replaced. As each filling wears out I decided to get white fillings from now… Continue reading Is it harmful if a mercury filling is accidentally swallowed?

Why Won’t My Dentist Remove My Fillings?

I’m so frustrated. I want to get my old silver filling removed. Really, really want to. My dentist insists all the hype about the mercury content a big nothing and just a way to scare patients. Well, I am scared and I want them gone. But, my dentist is still refusing. Is there a way… Continue reading Why Won’t My Dentist Remove My Fillings?

Is Mercury-Free Dentistry a Fad?

I know there are always health fads. The latest to be discredited is Kale mania. Now I keep hearing it needs to be mercury-free dentistry. First, how much mercury is there really in dentistry? Is it that serious? Help me understand this before I go through all the trouble of searching for the latRead More

What’s the Deal with Mercury-Free?

My sister in law keeps telling my wife we need to be seeing a mercury free dentist. She acts like we’re going to get tumors growing in our mouths if we don’t. I can’t imagine they’re using mercury knowing it’s a toxin. Is there really a need for mercury-free? Read More