I Can’t Eat with My Dentures

Ever since I got my dentures it has been a bit challenging to eat. However, it seems to have gotten significantly worse in recent years. I can’t even keep them in anymore. I’ve been living on nothing but soup. Have they just stretched? Do I need to have new ones made? Carolyn Dear Carolyn, What […]

Dentist Placed My Dental Implant Knowing the Bone Wasn’t Ready

I am not sure about how to handle a pickle I have found myself in. I needed a tooth replacement and chose to have a dental implant. When I woke up from the surgery, my dentist said there wasn’t really enough bone density but he went ahead and placed the implant anyway. Now he wants […]

Can a Tooth Infection Cause a Fever?

Can you help me? My dentist is being very particular about who he sees in the office because of the pandemic. He won’t see my daughter because she has a fever, but I think the fever is because of her tooth infection. He is saying that a tooth infection cannot cause a fever and therefore […]

Sensitivity After Tooth Extraction

I am wondering if there is something wrong with my tooth extraction site. It felt achy for a while, which I thought was normal, but now it is sensitive to anything with heat. I’m worried. Do I need to have it looked at? Bonnie Dear Bonnie, You are correct that it is normal for a […]