Adult Tooth Lost

My sister was out dancing and some idiot showing off did a high kick that knocked a tooth of hers clean out. She didn’t worry about it and said she’d just get a fake one. I told her to see a dentist but she insisted they couldn’t do anything about it anyway. That got me… Continue reading Adult Tooth Lost

How Long Can a Root Canal Wait?

I went for a check up, which is covered by my insurance completely. While there, he told me I need a root canal treatment. I was a bit surprised about that because none of my teeth bother me. I was wondering if I DO need a root canal treatment, how long can I wait to… Continue reading How Long Can a Root Canal Wait?

Dealing with a Broken Tooth

My husband recently fell and broke both of his front teeth. Do you know what we need to do to get this fixed? Will he need to extract them, or maybe get dental crowns? I will be honest that he is not crazy about the dentist so I’m trying to figure out what he needs… Continue reading Dealing with a Broken Tooth

Who Broke This Man’s Tooth?

I need some advice about an incident with my tooth. I have a 30+ year old crown. I was in for a checkup and my dentist said that I have decay under the crown and he will need to do a root canal treatment. I didn’t have any signs of a tooth infection. No abcess.… Continue reading Who Broke This Man’s Tooth?

Porcelain Veneer Turning Blue

We purchased my daughter an entire set of porcelain veneers. The dentist suggested ten on top and eight on bottom. She had a small accident that left one of the teeth chipped. It was a very small chip so the dentist was able to fix it. The dentist smoothed it out and then, of course,… Continue reading Porcelain Veneer Turning Blue

Problem with Wisdom Tooth

I had a terrible toothache a few weeks ago and scheduled an appointment with my dentist. He said I had an infection in one of my bottom wisdom teeth, which he felt needed a specialist. I went to see the specialist who believes all the wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Unfortunately, he can&#8217Read More

Is a Tooth Infection Really Dangerous?

I have a back tooth (not the wisdom tooth) that broke a while ago. Now the area hurts and my cheek is swollen. It is also starting to hurt in my neck. Someone told me this is dangerous, but I just don’t have money for a dentist right now. Is it really that dangerous or… Continue reading Is a Tooth Infection Really Dangerous?