Root Canal Failure

I am in massive pain after two root canal treatments. The first one took place about three years ago. Then it started hurting again a bit over a week ago. I went back and he did another x-ray and discovered a new infection flare-up. He did a second root canal treatment and gave me penicillin. […]

Can a Toothache Cause Chest Pain?

My mom started complaining of a toothache and chest pain earlier today. She’s a tough woman who doesn’t like to see the doctor or dentist and is presently refusing to get treatment of any kind. For what it’s worth, she’s 83 and in otherwise good health. At her age, toothaches are a somewhat common occurrence. […]

Is Sav-a-Tooth Legitimate?

I am in the middle of getting an emergency preparatory kit ready. I came across this thing called Sav-a-Tooth. I didn’t know if it was a legitimate thing and worth getting or not. I don’t want to waste money. Thanks, Kevin Dear Kevin, It’s great that you’re trying to be prepared. I’ve looked at this […]