Antibiotics for Tooth Infection

I had a root canal treatment done but then the company I worked for closed its doors. I didn’t have the money to have the cap put on and I’ve been putting some store bought tooth filling in the hole. I ran out of that and I think I’ve developed another tooth infection. Is there […]

Can a Tooth Infection Cause a Fever?

Can you help me? My dentist is being very particular about who he sees in the office because of the pandemic. He won’t see my daughter because she has a fever, but I think the fever is because of her tooth infection. He is saying that a tooth infection cannot cause a fever and therefore […]

Root Canals and Salivary Glands

My daughter has had two unilateral salivary gland infections. I do know that she has had root canal treatment near those areas. Is it at all possible that the infections from her root canal treatments could have spread and infected her salivary glands? Penny Dear Penny, It is always possible for an infected tooth to […]

Dentist Won’t Remove Tooth

I have an impacted wisdom tooth and another tooth near it that has had a root canal. Here are my issues. The impacted wisdom tooth is infected and needs to come out. However, the root-canaled tooth has never felt right. I want him to remove both teeth at once, but he is absolutely refusing and […]

Can a Broken Tooth Get Infected?

I have a tooth that broke a while back. I didn’t really do anything about it and eventually, more of it broke off so it is pretty much just the stuff underneath. The hole where the tooth used to be is hurting on and off. When it does hurt it is hard for me to […]

Something about this Dentist Isn’t Measuring Up

I need some advice. Before starting I will readily confess that I am not the most regular patient. I have pretty bad dental anxiety. But, I went in because I was having pain in a tooth toward the back of my mouth. It had been hurting on and off for about a week and a […]

Dentist Won’t See Me

I called my dentist because I told him that I have what I think is a tooth infection. He called me in an antibiotic and told me to take that and then come in a week from now. I don’t understand why he won’t see me. I’m pretty sure that you can’t solve a tooth […]