Will I be able to get affordable dental implants the second time around?

Are dental implants more affordable if it’s my second time getting them? I am hoping that some of the upfront expenses I had before I got the implants can be eliminated. I received dental implants in the early spring but they didn’t heal right. I’ve been to more follow-up visits than I can Read More

My husband is afraid and needs a cater to cowards dentist

Will you please give me some advice on how to convince my husband to see a cater to cowards dentist? He had been doing well with dental appointments, but within the last 2 years he has experienced exceptional stress at work and it seems to be affecting him in other areas. He now gets nervous… Continue reading My husband is afraid and needs a cater to cowards dentist

Affordable Full Mouth Reconstruction

Is it possible to get an affordable dentist for a full-mouth reconstruction? I haven’t been to a dentist in years. Now I have missing teeth, broken teeth, and a few decaying teeth. I bit the bullet and went to the dentist because I started finding my smile embarrassing and it was affecting Read More

Dentist Humiliated Me and Insisted I Get Dentures

Can you help me, maybe give me some options? I’m so upset I’m shaking. I haven’t been to a dentist before. My parents never had the money to take me. They tried. It just seemed like everytime they’d saved up enough something would happen, like a car breaking down, etc. I Read More