Gentle Dentistry for an Addict in Recovery

I’m in recovery for opioid addiction. I also have dental anxiety. Combining those two things means I can’t have any medication at this moment, like sedation dentistry. I do need dental care so I need to find a way to get through my time in the chair. I haven’t done dental work without drugs in […]

Solutions for Dental Anxiety

I don’t love going to the dentist. I’m so nervous the whole time. Then the dentist and hygienist chat the whole time with each other like I’m not even there. For some reason, that makes it even worse. Here I am getting sharp implements and drills placed in my mouth and they’re talking about the […]

Can a Dentist Chip a Tooth During a Cleaning?

I hadn’t been to the dentist in a year because of a move and not having much time to find one in the transition. Today I had my first cleaning. Let me tell you it was tortuous. My last dentist was much more gentle. My gums bled too which has never happened. However, what concerns […]

Massive Jaw Pain after Dental Appointment

I needed two fillings before I moved, but thought getting a filling would be the same anywhere. Boy, was I wrong. I’m now three days from my appointment and my jaw is still in massive pain. Plus, I’d never had a more painful shot in my life. I think he even bruised the gums. I’ve […]

Horrible Pain During Cleanings

I’m wondering if I need to switch clinics to receive more gentle treatment. I have horrible pain during cleanings. My teeth are sensitive and my gums bleed. The last time was the worst ever. She shot some kind of cold water on my teeth. It hurt so much I begged her to stop. She just […]

Do Gentle Dentists Exist?

My old dentist retired. He was a gem. I’m a TMJ patient so he was always very gentle with me. I could get through my appointments with very little pain. Since he’s retired, I’ve seen three dentists. All of them have been a disaster. They’re rushed. They’re rough. They don’t even seem to care about […]

Gentle dentist gave me a shot 4 days ago and I’m still numb

My gums are very, very sensitive so I’ve always had a gentle dentist. I moved an hour away from my former dentist and my schedule doesn’t allow me to travel back there for appointments. My previous dentist would numb my gums before giving me a shot. I didn’t feel a thing. My new dentist has […]

Do I need to switch to a new gentle dentist?

Last week I had my second visit at my new dentist. The first visit was crazy. The hygienist was so rough with my teeth that my gums started bleeding. Her reason for the blood was that I had so much plaque on my teeth. I found that all strange because I have been brushing and […]

Pregnant? Choosing a gentle dentist can help.

Dental visits should not be put off during pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy, your gums are more prone to inflammation and gum disease. And your teeth can be exposed to more acid than usual. Keep your regularly scheduled appointments for dental cleanings. During pregnancy, you may be more sensitive to discomfort and pain, so a […]

Dentist wasn’t gentle so my front tooth cracked when removing crown

I am having crowns replaced on 4 front teeth. My dentist yanked on the crown because it wasn’t coming off and I felt my left front tooth crack. He says that the tooth is okay and there is nothing to worry about. It has another crown on it. I am already nervous about going to […]