Is It Normal for Porcelain Veneers to Keep Popping Out?

Can you help me? I’m at my wit’s end with these porcelain veneers. My dentist suggested I get some porcelain veneers to fix some of the defects in my smile. Plus, I grind my teeth so she thought that would protect them. I don’t know what goes on at these appointments because sheRead More

Miserable, Yet Still Afraid of the Dentist

I am in absolute misery. I have a wisdom tooth that I broke some time ago. I know I should have had it removed then but I am terrified of dentists. Since then, it has grown decayed and I think it is infected. I am in agony. Even in my misery, I am still afraid… Continue reading Miserable, Yet Still Afraid of the Dentist

Sensitive to Novocain

I am getting porcelain veneers soon and I have a sensitivity to things that can make my heart race, such as epinephrine. A friend of mine had veneers done about six months ago and she said the moment they put the topical agent on her teeth her hands began to shake. I am worried something… Continue reading Sensitive to Novocain

Am I Too Old to Have My Wisdom Teeth Out

When I was younger my dentist told me that I would need my wisdom teeth taken out. I have a small fear of the dentist so I decided against it. Now I am 33 years old and one of them has started to hurt pretty bad. My dentist when I was younger said that the… Continue reading Am I Too Old to Have My Wisdom Teeth Out

Can You Trust the Type of Treatment You Get Under Dental Sedation?

I’m extremely dental phobic, so I’m really grateful to have the option to be sedated for my wisdom teeth removal! I have a weird concern though. Last year my cousin saw a sedation dentist for her surgery, and a few days later she had bruises on both cheeks, and couldn’t open her mouth more Read… Continue reading Can You Trust the Type of Treatment You Get Under Dental Sedation?

Should I See an Oral Surgeon?

I had a root canal treatment some years ago. It was not a pleasant experience and I will admit I did not follow up well. My dentist didn’t either so I never had the cap placed on it. The next thing I know the filling fell out and shortly after that the tooth started hurting… Continue reading Should I See an Oral Surgeon?

My Crown Feels Weird

I don’t like going to the dentist. Because I avoided it, I ended up having to get a root canal treatment and a dental crown. It’s felt weird from the beginning, but my dentist said that is just because I’m not used to the new crown. I decided to give it a few weeks, but… Continue reading My Crown Feels Weird

My Teeth are Loose

I will admit to being a patient who avoids the dentist at all costs. Recently, I noticed that some of my teeth are becoming loose. If one of them falls out, can I put it back in with superglue? Do you think my teeth can be saved? Annaliya Dear Annaliya, Based on what you are… Continue reading My Teeth are Loose