My Teeth are Loose

I will admit to being a patient who avoids the dentist at all costs. Recently, I noticed that some of my teeth are becoming loose. If one of them falls out, can I put it back in with superglue? Do you think my teeth can be saved? Annaliya Dear Annaliya, Based on what you are […]

Acid Reflux and Teeth

I have pretty severe acid reflux. My dentist is telling me that it is destroying my back teeth and I need to get them crowned. I am not good with the dentist under the best of circumstances. Is this really necessary? Kirk Dear Kirk, Your dentist is not kidding you when he says that acid […]

Does Dental Sedation Make You Sick?

I’m a nervous patient. I need a root canal treatment and don’t think I can get through it on my own. I want to try dental sedation but am worried the sedation itself could be a problem. I do get nauseated easily. I’ve heard with sedation, you get super sleepy. What if I sleep through […]

Can You Eat with Dental Sedation?

I’m thinking about getting dental sedation in order to go back to the dentist. I haven’t been in a while because dentists make me uncomfortable. I hope that doesn’t offend you. I’m trying to do as much research ahead of time. I’m kind of a nervous eater. Is it okay to eat before dental sedation? […]

Is Dental Sedation Right for Me?

I’ve been avoiding the dentist for a while because of dental anxiety. I can tell my oral health is suffering as a result. I’ve heard dental sedation is helpful for people in my situation but don’t know much about what it means. How do you know if it is right for you? Casey Dear Casey, […]

Can’t Figure Out Dental Sedation

I’ve not gone to the dentist since I moved out on my own. My mum found out and said I should try sedation dentistry. I thought it was a good idea but I can’t make heads or tails out of which I should get. There seem to be several kinds. Are they any different? Lucia […]

Can Sedation Dentistry Really Do All My Work at Once?

I’m a little embarrassed that I even have to ask this. I have avoided the dentist for a couple of reasons. One is economic. It’s just so expensive and dental insurance doesn’t seem to cover much. The other, if I’m honest, is you guys terrify me. I half expect you to walk in with a […]

Will Dental Sedation be Safer in 2019?

I’m scheduled to have a procedure which I only think I could do with dental sedation. Today, I heard a news blurb that said sedation will be safer in 2019 because of the change in laws. Now I’m wondering if I should wait to have my procedure done until it’s safer. I don’t want to […]