My Teeth are Loose

I will admit to being a patient who avoids the dentist at all costs. Recently, I noticed that some of my teeth are becoming loose. If one of them falls out, can I put it back in with superglue? Do you think my teeth can be saved? Annaliya Dear Annaliya, Based on what you are […]

Dentist Won’t Remove Tooth

I have an impacted wisdom tooth and another tooth near it that has had a root canal. Here are my issues. The impacted wisdom tooth is infected and needs to come out. However, the root-canaled tooth has never felt right. I want him to remove both teeth at once, but he is absolutely refusing and […]

Porcelain Veneers During Pregnancy

I didn’t realize I was pregnant when I had my porcelain veneers done. Now I”m worried I did something that would harm the baby. Do you know if getting porcelain veneers is dangerous during pregnancy? Nancy Dear Nancy, Congratulations on becoming a mother! When it comes to dental work during pregnancy, we are taught in […]