Is it harmful if a mercury filling is accidentally swallowed?

I have 3 silver mercury fillings on lower back teeth. One of the teeth started hurting and I have been playing around with the filling with my tongue. I know it’s loose and my dentist told me it needs to be replaced. As each filling wears out I decided to get white fillings from now […]

Will Snap-on Dentures Fix My Jaw?

I was looking in the mirror and noticed I look a lot older. The problem seems to be my jaw as well as the area around my mouth. I did some looking online and it seems like if you wear dentures it can make your jaw smaller. I think that is what is happening to […]

Is it normal to have pain or sensitivity after teeth whitening?

Is it normal to have pain or sensitivity after teeth whitening/bleaching? Before we answer the question, it helps to understand how the whitening process works. How Teeth Whitening Works When bleaching gel is applied to your teeth, it penetrates them and travels through small channels in your teeth to break down stains. The whitening process […]

Can’t Afford a Dentist for Your Cavities? 5 Facts about Filling Them

I have 2 teeth that are really sensitive because they have cavities in them. Whenever I eat or drink anything cold, the sensitivity is so great it makes me shake. I just cannot afford to go to the dentist right now. I have some dental insurance through my employer but they really don’t pay much […]