Whitening Before Getting a Crown

I’m getting a dental crown on a visible tooth and want to whiten my teeth before settling on the crown’s color. I’m having trouble getting information on a few things. As a result, I have a few questions. First, I need to know how many days to whiten? Then, how long each day? FiRead More

Dental Bonding Turning Yellow after Only 5 Days

I had dental bonding done on my front two teeth. It’s only been five days and they’ve already turned noticeably yellow. The only thing I even can think of that could have damaged them was brushing with baking soda. I heard that is good for teeth, but maybe it is not for dental bondingRead More

Dentist Won’t See Me

I called my dentist because I told him that I have what I think is a tooth infection. He called me in an antibiotic and told me to take that and then come in a week from now. I don’t understand why he won’t see me. I’m pretty sure that you can’t solve a tooth… Continue reading Dentist Won’t See Me