Are CT Scans Necessary for Dental Implants?

I’ve had lots of x-rays and now my dentist wants to do some CT scans as well. Is this truly necessary for dental implants? I’m concerned it’s unnecessary and it does cost a pretty penny. Jared Dear Jared, You can skip some x-rays, but I wouldn’t skip the CT scan for your dental implants. Placing […]

Dentist Stained My Lumineers then Damaged Them

I spent a small fortune on getting my teeth redone and was quite disappointed in the results. I did spend time telling my dentist exactly what color I wanted. He knew I wanted a white smile. All he kept telling me was to “trust him” he’ll give me a nice smile. I did trust him. […]

Can I Whiten Silver Fillings?

I have a mouth full of silver fillings. Because I have a super wide smile and tend to open my mouth when I do, everyone can see them. I don’t want to force myself to change how I smile because I like just being who I am, but admittedly, it is embarrassing these days. As […]

Were My Dentures Placed too Far?

I have permanent dentures that were placed on top of dental implants. My lips feel bulky. He said he placed them about 3mm from the gumline. Is that too far? Is that why they feel bulky? Rick Dear Rick, Are you sure your dentist said the gumline? I have a picture to the left to […]