Swelling After Tooth Extraction

I had a tooth extraction on an infected lower left molar. I thought taking the tooth out would relieve all the pain. There was swelling before the extraction. He prescribed me amoxicillin because the infection was pretty substantial. However, after three days, the swelling has hardened and not evRead More

Sinus Perforation after Tooth Extraction

I’m writing in a last-ditch attempt to figure out if I am on the right track for this. I had all of my top teeth pulled. Apparently, one of the teeth perforated the sinus cavity, but no one told me this after it happened. By day 3 after the procedure, I had a fever and… Continue reading Sinus Perforation after Tooth Extraction

Sensitivity After Tooth Extraction

I am wondering if there is something wrong with my tooth extraction site. It felt achy for a while, which I thought was normal, but now it is sensitive to anything with heat. I’m worried. Do I need to have it looked at? Bonnie Dear Bonnie, You are correct that it is noRead More