Mom’s Teeth are Falling Out

Can you advise me on what to do for my 86 year old mother? Two weeks ago, she lost a tooth. We had it replaced with a removable partial denture because she just does not have much money and my husband and I are in a tight spot financially ourselves. I can barely afford the… Continue reading Mom’s Teeth are Falling Out

New Dentist is DOUBLE the Price

My husband received a promotion which required a transfer. Because of the promotion, we are able to move to a much nicer area. I’m loving our new town and neighborhood. However, I took my kids to the dentist for the first time since moving here and he is DOUBLE the price. Not a little moreRead… Continue reading New Dentist is DOUBLE the Price

Porcelain Crowns Turning Yellow

I had several porcelain crowns done just over six months ago. They were absolutely beautiful when I first got them. I was so excited. Now they’re turning yellow. I don’t smoke. I do drink some coffee, but my dentist originally told me that wouldn’t be a problem. I brush twice a Read More

Can’t Afford a Dentist for Your Cavities? 5 Facts about Filling Them

I have 2 teeth that are really sensitive because they have cavities in them. Whenever I eat or drink anything cold, the sensitivity is so great it makes me shake. I just cannot afford to go to the dentist right now. I have some dental insurance through my employer but they really don’t pay muchRead… Continue reading Can’t Afford a Dentist for Your Cavities? 5 Facts about Filling Them

Serious Problem and Can’t Afford Dentist

I woke up today with my gum swollen and in massive pain. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while because of the cost. I’m pretty sure something serious is going on but don’t know how to afford the dentist. Is there some service for situations like this? Vera Dear Read More

Affordable Dentist for Mugging Victim?

I was robbed outside my apartment last night. It’s just been one in a series of disastrous events for me after another. I can’t even begin to go into it. However, this morning I noticed one of my teeth, where he punched me, is loose. I do not have dental insurance or much money. Is… Continue reading Affordable Dentist for Mugging Victim?

Affordable Dental Care for Emergencies?

I’ve been laid off and with it lost my dental insurance. I’ve had decent teeth most of my life. Wouldn’t you know it the moment I lose my insurance I have a tooth become inflamed and painful. There’s even a small pimple on my gums, which I think may be part of the problem.Read More

How Do I Find an Affordable Dentist for Someone on Disability?

I need some advice. I just took over my mother’s care. I’m distraught over the care she’s received, especially her teeth. They’re a complete mess. It’s like the nursing center never gave her dental care. She’s on disability but there’s a waiting period foRead More

Is My Affordable Dentist Ordering Unnecessary Procedures?

I don’t have dental insurance. Everything I do is out of pocket. Because of that I specifically looked for a dentist who advertised as an affordable dentist. I double checked and his prices were lower than those around him. So I felt pretty safe going. I did expect to need some work done beRead More