Affordable Dentist for Mugging Victim?

I was robbed outside my apartment last night. It’s just been one in a series of disastrous events for me after another. I can’t even begin to go into it. However, this morning I noticed one of my teeth, where he punched me, is loose. I do not have dental insurance or much money. Is… Continue reading Affordable Dentist for Mugging Victim?

What’s the Deal with Mercury-Free?

My sister in law keeps telling my wife we need to be seeing a mercury free dentist. She acts like we’re going to get tumors growing in our mouths if we don’t. I can’t imagine they’re using mercury knowing it’s a toxin. Is there really a need for mercury-free? Read More

Will Mini Implants Last on Front Teeth?

I lost some front teeth about ten years ago, which were replaced with a bridge. The teeth which were holding the bridge (next to the lost teeth on either side) have now become loose. My dentist is suggesting dental implants. They’re pretty pricey. I saw an article about mini-implants. He saRead More

Braces to Get “Affordable” Dental Implants?

I spent a lot of time researching dentists who listed they did affordable dental implants. I wanted quality implants that were full-sized, a dentist with experience, and someone who’d let me start with four implants and pay them out. It took a while. I finally found the one I wanted. HoweveRead More