Why Are My Lumineers Bulky?

I was so excited about getting Lumineers, especially because they’re ultra-thin which my dentist said will look more natural. But, that’s not how they turned out. Instead, they look really bulky and chalky. I would say, though they’re whiter than my old teeth were that anyone coRead More

Why Hasn’t the US Gotten Rid of Amalgam Fillings Yet?

My sister told me the United States signed a treaty to get rid of amalgam fillings, but my dentist still does them. Is he breaking the law? Karen, Dear Karen, The United States signed the Minamata Convention on Mercury. This is focused more on the environment than on the fillRead More

How Do I Find an Affordable Dentist for Someone on Disability?

I need some advice. I just took over my mother’s care. I’m distraught over the care she’s received, especially her teeth. They’re a complete mess. It’s like the nursing center never gave her dental care. She’s on disability but there’s a waiting period foRead More